Welcome to Policy Manager GE


The Policy Manager GE provides the basic management of cloud resources based on rules, as well as management of the corresponding resources within the FIWARE Cloud Instance like actions based on physical monitoring or infrastructure, security monitoring of resources and services or whatever that could be defined by facts, actions and rules. Policy Manager is a easy rule engine designed to be used in the OpenStack ecosystem and of course inside the FIWARE Cloud.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This GE reference implementation product is only of interest to potential FIWARE instance providers and therefore has been used to build the basic FIWARE platform core infrastructure of the FIWARE Lab. If you are an application developer, you don’t need to create a complete FIWARE instance locally in order to start building applications based on FIWARE. You may rely on instances of FIWARE GEris linked to the Data/Media Context Management chapter, the IoT Services Enablement chapter, the Advanced Web-based User Interface chapter or some GEris of the Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework chapter (WireCloud) as well as the Security chapter (Access Control). Those instances are either global instances or instances you can create on the FIWARE Lab but can also be instance you can create by means of downloading, installing and configuring the corresponding software in your own premises.

The Policy Manager source code can be found here

This documentation offers deeper information on Policy Manager.